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If you need your track to be remixed or you want an original production from us don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about your project.
We have two different studios, the first dedicated to musical production and the second, dedicated exclusively to mastering with the most modern analog and digital hardware.

We work as producers & remixers for labels like Nein Records (UK/DE) * Regith Rec (Mex) * ESTHETIQUE (FR) * Espacio CIELO (ES) * Emerald & Doreen (DE) * Eclectics (UK) * Roam Recordings (USA) * Tici Taci (UK) * Sub:sonic (UK) * Logical Records (ES) * OMBRA International (DE) * Shara Music (ES) * Dlimited Records (DE) * Eclectics (UK) * among many more …

What we have released

K-Effect – Acid Drummer (Logical Records, 2016)

K-Effect – Cosmology (Emerald & Doreen, 2016)

K-Effect – Electric Cowboy (Tici Taci, 2016)

K-Effect – Saturn Ring (Sub:Sonic, 2017)

K-Effect – Walking On Mars (Nein Records, 2017)

K-Effect – Psicodelia (Nein Records, 2017)

K-Effect – No Smoke ( Roam Recordings, 2017)

K-Effect/Javier Busto – On Fire (Regith Records, 2017)

K-Effect – The Triumph Of Dr No EP (Eclectics, 2017)

K-Effect/Leonor – Bill Kill (Submerged City) (CSK Beat, 2018)

K-Effect – The Spy Return (Shara Music, 2018)

K-Effect – Mén-An-Tol (Nein Records, 2018)

K-Effect – Footprints On The Moon (Beat Is Murder, 2018)

K-Effect – Orion Loop (Uju, 2019)

K-Effect – Pyramidem (Side Up Works, 2020)

K-Effect – Sextant (Roam, 2020)

K-Effect – Messier 87  (Espacio CIELO , 2020)

K-Effect – Awareness (Gouranga, 2020)


You can listen our exclusives productions on our bandcamp

BORDALO II: A Life Of Waste


We are available for booking too !

David Martín has been part of other companies in the past and its more than 25 years experience have led him to the best venues in the country in the 90s. K-Effect have been also performing in foreign on several occasions for example Norway,Belgium,France,Lithuania,Sweden,UK and Germany.

Full of charism, passion, and quality, he is able to surprise the most demanding ears of the actual musical scope.

If there are any pioneers in Toledo, K-Effect is without any doubt, one of them. Working in looking for deeping, new wave and slow sounds with lot of energy , fresh and cool sounds which has led them since they began as K-Effect. You want us to play in your parties ? Contact us.

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